2023 Bertolini Catalogue

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Bertolini looks forward to 2023 with the consolidation of newly entered models and new engine selections.

It will be a year in which Bertolini will enter your workshops, garages and vegetable gardens, giving concrete answers to your questions. We will show you an expansion of digital services, training and information.

We believe in a growing culture and we believe in those who want to embark on new eco-friendly paths. It will be a year of behind-the-scenes work in the development of new products. Work that will be done with you, work that will be done for you.

Bertolini once again presents a complete and constantly improving range of machines for working the soil in agriculture and caring for vegetable gardens and gardens, capable of meeting the needs of every type of user. Different products depending on their intended use, but united by their high quality standards in terms of performance, reliability, comfort and safety.

Each to his own Bertolini!

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