New 407 S Limited Edition two wheel tractor

Bertolini celebrates 100 years of history

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Since its fundation, in year 1918, Bertolini Agricultural Machines has been summoning stories of our soil and our Country, stories of co-operation and people who wanted to create something that could last in time. Stories of innovation and fortitude, successes and defeats, to rise up again afterwards. Stories of our time, stories 100 years long.   Bertolini has played a central role in the production of agricultural machines in this last century, improving work in countryside, orchards and vegetable gardens of those farmers who chose Bertolini from Emilia region in Italy, trusting its capability to supply reliable products, yet made with passion
We want to celebrate our first century of successes and operations, presenting you the new two wheel tractor 407 S – Limited Edition, with a new and never seen before carbon-look finish.  The machine, produced in a limited and numbered series, is equipped with the most modern control systems: the innovative EHS clutch control, differential and reverse gear with locking lever on the handlebar and independent brakes as standard.

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