BTS 65 flail mower

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The BTS 65 flail mower is a professional model for park maintenance personnel and farmers, to be used for cleaning untilled land and pruning in fruit orchards, vineyards and underbrush on sloping land where room for manoeuvre is restricted. Its extreme ease and versatility also make it ideal for intensive private work.

It is a powerful machine equipped with a sturdy and reliable 9HP petrol engine, further enhanced by the transmission and gears in oil bath. It delivers excellent performance: the cutting unit, made up of a rotor with 38 fins (adjustable in height from 20 to 80 mm), together with the working width (65 cm), enable it to chop up and shred grass, shoots, branches of short plants and brushwood.
Another advantage of the BTS 65 flail mower is its user-friendly operation. For example, it features a handy self-winding rope starter that simplifies machine ignition, as well as a steering system with independent steering clutches on the driving wheels, allowing the machine to be manoeuvred effortlessly in tight spaces and on sloping land. The machine is equipped with a four-speed gearbox (3 fwd + 1 rev.). Lastly, the handlebars are adjustable through four height settings and five width settings, so that the operator can maintain correct posture while working, even in narrow spaces and close to obstructions.

The machine is fitted with service brakes that engage automatically when the clutch is released, ensuring maximum operator safety.


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