A comprehensive glossary of the machines on the market.


Rotary tillers  Machines designed for preparing soil for grass seeding.

Transporters  Self-propelled tracked vehicles for construction and agricultural duties involving the transportation of bulky and heavy loads on steep gradients or over rough terrain.

Cutterbar mowers  Designed for cutting up fodder for livestock, intensive grass clearing and tidying up large fields.

Logsplitters  Logsplitters are specialist tools for preparing firewood: they cut logs into smaller pieces suitable for furnaces, open fires and stoves.

Flail mowers  Designed for use in overgrown areas for cutting down and removing long, thick grass, clearing undergrowth or mowing along verges and the banks of ditches.

Rotary cultivators  Powerful and reliable machines, easy to handle, reversible and versatile. Rotary cultivators represent the ideal solution for all conditions for groundsmen, market gardeners, councils and private users with allotments of medium-large area.